Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t you diagnose my car over the phone?

In most cases we cannot accurately diagnose your vehicle over the phone. Your vehicle is an extremely complex piece of machinery that requires hands on testing and inspection, in conjunction with more than 25 years of experience  and specialized testing equipment.

What is your policy on customer-supplied parts?

We prefer not to install parts that a customer brings to our facility. There are several reasons for this. First, since the customer didn’t diagnose the vehicle, the customer doesn’t necessarily know which parts to supply, or if it is the correct application, i.e., is it the correct chassis number or engine number? Many parts are different based on factors such as whether the car has ABS brakes or not, etc. Furthermore, it is questionable whether the customer-supplied part meets our high standards of quality. We pride ourselves on quality work, and that includes quality parts. In our opinion, bringing your own parts for us to install is the same as taking your own food to a restaurant for a chef to cook.