State Of The Art Service Center

Vehicle Diagnostic System

European vehicle diagnostic experts.  We are equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair technology to service most import vehicles.  We specialize in European vehicles and have dealership software and reprogramming capabilities.

State Of The Art Training And Information

Our team is fully trained to service your European vehicle.  We subscribe to dealership equivalent information systems.  At German Swedish Auto we strive to offer the best European vehicle service available.

Vibration Control System

At German Swedish Auto, we pride ourselves on using the finest and most technologically up-to-date equipment available. One such device is the GSP9700 Wheel Vibration Control System.

Traveling at high speeds places grueling demands upon your car’s tires, and improper stiffness or roundness in the tires can wear tires out prematurely, in addition to damaging your car’s components and making driving unsafe.

The GSP9700 features a unique Road Force Measurement System that puts pressure on and road tests the entire footprint of the tire, detecting imbalances in the structure of the tire. The device can solve problems that traditional balancers and aligners can’t.

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