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T 3 Tuning

Welcome to T3 Tuning - Our Performance Focus

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T3 Tuning Started Over 50 Years Ago

You might say that it started when I built my first go-cart. The first picture is a 1933 Ford five-window coupe. It's chopped and channeled and is powered by a 265 Chevrolet small block that came out of a hydroplane. I sold this car when I started college.


The second picture is of a pro four stock-car (it's a class that was run on the east coast). The car was a tube frame and powered by a Volvo B 23. I set a record with this normally aspirated engine at 267 hp. I built my own dry sump system. The car was raced in Pennsylvania. Old School Photo

The third picture is of a kit car called a Manta Mirage. It is also powered by a small block Chevrolet with a Porsche transmission.  I still have the car.


The next pictures are of a Lotus Seven that I built from a stack of tubing. I even fabricated my own front spindles and control arms. The Seven weighs 1,131 pounds. It is powered by a Nissan SR 20 DET. At 21 pounds of boost from the T 66 size turbo, the engine produces an excess of 500 hp. It features an electromotive standalone engine management system. I programmed all of the engine maps myself. This car was featured in Automotive magazine.


The next picture is of a plasma pod.  In the distance behind the car you can see the Capitol.  The car was featured in a display for Earth Day. It is powered by an eight-inch DC motor using six AGM batteries. I built a frame and suspension myself and purchased the fiberglass body. You can see a video of it on YouTube (just reference "plasma pod").


The next picture is taken at the big track at Daytona Beach. I'm getting ready to start a race in one of my go-carts.


The next picture is of a prototype go-cart powered by a CRF 450 Honda dirt bike engine. I'm planning on releasing it at Daytona this year.


The next picture is showing how we can program automotive computers.  We can read the memory from a defective control unit and download it into her used control unit, saving the customer a lot of money.


The next series of pictures is of a Z4 that I purchased and I'm in the process of turbocharging. T3 tuning's focus is BMW Performance, offering BMW owners engine tuning. suspension upgrades, and custom fabrication.  You can follow the progress of the project as we team with Liqui Moly and display the car nationwide.